Hitam and Coklat

Their name, meaning Black and Brown XD

They are Danni step-brothers, the same mother..... Or maybe not stepsibling, we still arent sure if the father was the same or not. Mother... RIP died sometime this year.... :( she was old, very old.
There were 5kittens,but 3 of them died of illness, just like Danni's brother n sister. She is the last of the liter too, the ithers died of illnesd too.
These two....we didnt plan to adopt them. It was circumstances and our weak bleeding heart....ugh So yeah, that's why I dont have their photos younger than that.

Coklat, really likes to sleep near me....but really all kitten is like that, and they'll change after 8/a year....hmp! And a troublemaker, he likes to cheat and hit other cats if he wants to eat first.

Hitam is a sweetheart, 90% he is very quiet. Never causes trouble, fast learner. And likes to be alone. He lets us dote him and he just quietly accepts all. Very sweet.

They are also too big for kitten under 8 months old! Very very fat. My neighbour's cats are under 8 months too, and they're not this big! I worry for our wallet future.....

The only thing I worry for them is...They're male. Terra doesnt like male, battle everywhere! Kaylee and Koko also Danni who already recognises them as male, don't like them very much.
Ah Danni, she loved them back then. We thought she knew, they're her brothers and always willing to play and be nice, even worried about them...now...she'll hiss at them.


Danni. Still a weak duckling
Always liked (yep, past tense XD)
to follow Terra around, like a gold fish poop. He's the only one kind enough to her XD And I think she only has picture with him, coz the others two didnt like the new addition.

He also tolerateds her at first,then he knew she is a she.... Not a problem to take her under his wing, so to speak lol

But that was 6 or 4months ago....now? Now let's see, she's big enough and she hates him or male in general lol so no more clingy clingy. The opposite ne. Poor Terra lol

2018 and how many cats do we have .....

We need to stop adopting cats!!!
I dont wanna get trouble from neighborhoods!
Cat eats and cat poops!
MEaning, we'll throw much poop in the garbage tank (ofc it's covered with plastic).
Since it is sand toilet and poop and pee, maybe I can throw them into the toilet ? LOL I thought about it , well essentially they are poop and pee and we all do it there, right? XD
It's just, this is not a lonely house in the praire, but apartment unit, so I dont dare to do it. If somehting goes wrong and the waterways for septictank clog or whatnot......uuuugh I can see money will fly....

10 books meme

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Rules: In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take more than a few minutes and don’t think too hard – they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I’ll see your list.

Kinda confuse with the word 'touch you', in what way? In sentimental? in warm, full of self-empowerment? in enlightenment? or just the one where I will always remember that I want to read it again. Not just a once in a life time reading.

So, for me, the list here are the ones where I feel I am not just wasting my time to re-read them again, and where I felt the author really did a great work no matter what the genre was/is.

1. The Three Investigators by Robert Arthur, Jr. and many. I alw re-read this series over n over.
2. Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan
3. Persian Boy by Mary Renault
4. 29 Kissess by Roald Dahl, short stories collections.
5. Interview by Vampire by Anne Rice
6. The Hobbit by C Tolkien
7. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
8. Mushashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (damn, a really long long story)
9.The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
10. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

PS. I rarely do meme, so i hope I dont do a mistake.

Report of suck here 1.

Here's the deal, customer if you don't want to pay your debt, then please don't come here and take indebted tab on your name or you can also not buy our stuff. Simple.
Worse of it, you're getting angry when we went to your place to collect. Ridiculous.
And yet, you still came here to buy (with no shame at all), just because.
Thank goodness the owner had made indirectly no credit ban for customer like you.
I think I'll try to post those suck to a place to complain about customers-suck!

Kaylee - 14month

The queen

Is losing her weight a bit n not that active anymore, since Chocho n Terra came. Probably stress, and she's not really close with them too T T

The many faces (and cute poses)


The one who responsible for all broken wires (my earphones, the fan T T).


Terra - 7month

A lazy very calm red eyed persian male, but his picture always turned out ..... not good.


Sleeping Pose #1


Sleeping Pose #2




Surprisingly can jump high enough and stand a bit longer in his back legs (or feet??)